WiseEye: AI based textile material inspection technology

WiseEye, an AI-based textile material inspection technology, automatically and accurately detects fabric defects and colour shading in high-speed and real-time inspection environments.

With the integration of machine vision algorithms and deep learning techniques, the system has successfully addressed the challenge of automatic inspection over the past two decades. It achieves remarkable accuracy of over 90% and provides high-speed inspection at up to 60 meters per minute.

Beyond real-time and efficient inspection, the system also offers automatic defect labeling to meet industry requirements. It can inspect various fabric types, including finished woven and knitted fabric, such as plain, twill, dobby, single jersey, double jersey, and more. It can identify over 40 common fabric defects.

Project Leaflet

2024 Just Style Excellence Awards
International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2024 - Silver Medal

Principal Investigator
Prof Calvin WONG