AI Design for the Autonomous Mobility

The project focuses on the experience of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as embodied in Autonomous Vehicles (AV). AVs are expected to lead to disruptive and eventually transformative changes in mobility. There is however also a public sense of distrust and apprehension, while the purposeful design for trust and acceptance is critical. Furthermore, AV journey experiences that are inclusive and joyful will become key commercial differentiators for mobility providers, and persuade the public towards more sustainable choices of transport.

The project explores novel and innovative AV design directions in two complimentary and interconnected strands: 1) in-vehicle intelligent agents, tangible, embedded, and embodied interactions; and 2) the exterior and interior design of future AVs and its role as the primary interface establishing the relationship between AVs, its passengers and other road users.

Project Leaflet

Principal Investigator
Prof Dale HARROW 

Collaborating Investigator
Dr Cyriel DIELS