AI app for virtual fit, foot scan for shoe sizing & wardrobe

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that may revolutionise future retail operations, because it introduces a new level of interaction between products and consumers. In this project, a total of three applications, namely 'foot scanning and shoe sizing app', 'magic wardrobe', and 'virtual fitting room', will be developed. The applications integrate artificial intelligence in vision processing and augmented reality to meet the future needs of fashion.

The first app 'foot scanning and shoe sizing' enable users to measure their feet via their smartphone camera and obtain size suggestion for different shoes. The second app 'magic wardrobe' aims to interactively engage shoppers with rich digital content on products such as colour options and mix-and-match suggestions. The third app 'virtual fitting room' allows consumers to examine in 3D product details and in virtual scenes see how these products fit their figures.

Principal Investigator:
Dr Tracy MOK