Asia Summit on Global Health (ASGH)

Themed “Charting a New Course in Healthcare through Collaboration”, the second ASGH held on 10-11 November 2022 at HKCEC. 

Drawing attention from experts of different sectors including data tech, telemedicine, clinical systems, investment, etc., we introduced how we integrate our advanced AI technologies with design for wellbeing and had fruitful exchanges with them, sharing the same view that innovative technologies could help in rehabilitation and healthcare.

We have showcased our "Intelligent Textiles for Rehabilitation". Utilising computer vision and illuminating optical fibres, intelligent textiles are designed to recognise hand and body gestures to change its colour illuminations instantly. Intelligent textiles that interact via illumination can provide visual stimulation for users as part of multi-sensory therapy.

We have also introduced our "Ergonomic Design of Footwear" to the visitors. This project incorporates precise 3D foot shape and plantar geometries, human locomotion and realistic models of footwear material behavior to enchance the ergonomic design of footwear for diabetic patients.

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