AiDLab at CENTRESTAGE: 9 -11 Sep 2022 at HKCEC

To disseminate AiDLab’s latest technologies and boost knowledge transfer to a world of audience, AiDLab has held a seminar at CENTRESTAGE, along with a booth to showcase our latest technologies, including AiDA (AI-based Interactive Design Assistant for Fashion), Mixi (Best-in-class Precise Fashion Attribute and Colour Recognition System) and the Intelligent Textiles System.

Seminar on "Innovate Fashion & Textile Design with AI"
In addition to efficiency and accuracy, the use of AI can also spark creativity. For fashion design, AI based system can generate unlimited design proposals based on an individual designer’s or brand’s historical designs and latest inspirations, while at the same time, capturing brand's essence. For textile or interior design, the unique computer vision-based intelligent textile system presents new opportunities to unleash designer creativity by providing interactive experience. On the front lines of AI in Fashion, AiDLab & industry experts have introduced the lab’s first-in-market innovations in AI for design, including the AI based Interactive Design Assistant for Fashion (AiDA) and Intelligent Textile System, which offers audience actionable insights into how we can innovate with AI for fashion and textile design and stay on top in the rapidly evolving fashion market.

Date 9 September 2022
Venue Miniverse
Time 2-3pm
Language Cantonese
Speakers Prof Calvin Wong
  Dr Jeanne Tan
  Ms Kim Wong

Date 9-11 September 2022
Venue Booth 1B-A07, Hall 1B, HKCEC
Time 10am-7pm (9 Sep)
  10am-6pm (10-11 Sep)

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