AI-based Interactive Design Assistant for Fashion

AiDA, a first-to-market technology that empowers fashion designers, based on their creative inspirations, to work with AI to create original designs. With just a few clicks, designers can choose or refine options to develop fashion collections, bringing agility, efficiency and flexibility to conventional and intensive studio processes.

Leaflet of AiDA

Mixi is an AI-based fine-grained fashion attribute and colour recognition tool that can be used for both online shopping platforms and bricks and mortar stores. Mixi allows the customer to easily find fashion items that possess his/her preferred fashion attributes and colours.

Leaflet of Mixi

2024 Just Style Excellence Awards
International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2024 - Gold Medal
iF DESIGN AWARD 2023 (Professional Concept - User Experience Concept/ Cloud based System)

Code-Create Limited, a spin-off company of AiDLab, has been formed to market AiDA and Mixi.

Principal Investigator
Prof Calvin WONG 

Collaborating Investigator
Dr ZOU Xingxing

Commercialisation Opportunity:
The above technologies from AiDLab project RP3-1 & RP3-2 are ready for commercialisation. Please feel free to contact us for discussion if you are interested to explore the collaboration opportunities.